Artificial Grass $6.99 per sqft

Most good quality artificial grass can be purchased at around $6.99 per sqft. We will professionally install it for you at $6.99 per sqft. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, lasts many years, and can save up to $200 on average on your monthly water bill! Here’s our team installing artificial grass at a home.

Paver Stone $8.99 per sqft

Most good quality paver stone can be purchased for around $7 per sqft. We will professionally install it for you at $8.99 per sqft. Our products come from the highest-quality providers ensured to endure and guaranteed to last. Everything you need done, whether it includes your front yard, backyard, driveway, pathway, patio, pool, barbecue, or fireplace, we’ll customize it just for you! Your style matched with our products and flexible designs will inspire you to dream big. Whether you enjoy a European influence, Contemporary or Minimalist design, you can choose from our comprehensive collection of patterns and colors to make your dream come to life.

Wood Fences $29.99 per ft

Most good quality wood fences can be purchased for $32.99 per linear foot. We will professionally install it for you at $29.99 per ft. At WM Landscaping we can help you with Our premium quality wood fences will enhance the beauty of your property while providing privacy and security for many years. A skilled craftsman hand assembles each fence from only the finest grade Northern White Cedar using stainless steel nails. All of our fences are offered in heights from 3’ to 8’.

Irrigation System $1.99 per sqft

A good irrigation system involves drip lines, sprinklers, valves and timers. We install sprinklers at as low as $1.99 per sqft. The goal of landscape irrigation is aesthetic. Plants (trees, shrubs, groundcover, and flowers) can be irrigated to just survive or to thrive, to maintain plant biomass or to have vegetative growth. Research on landscape plant water requirements has been limited, and many systems are not adjusted to match seasonal changes or changes in plant canopy area. The largest water user in many cities is irrigation so improved irrigation management is critically important in water stressed regions. New Irrigation systems are more reliable: multiport emitters mounted on PVC pipe, inline drip irrigation tubing, and bubbler irrigation systems. Another key to successful system performance is the proper design and installation of the control zone.

Garden Lights $75 per unit

Most good garden lights can be purchased for around $59.99. We will install them for you for just $75 per unit. As days remain short through Fall, Winter and into Spring a backyard can still be enjoyed and showcased through strategic landscape lighting. Whether you want to illuminate pathways around the yard, or highlight a specific feature be it a water fountain, or a statue, even create mood lighting around a fireplace for a more romantic setting.

Maintenance Service Starting $74.99 per visit

We charge a flat fee of $74.99 per visit for basic maintenance service. For a healthy and beautiful landscape, we recommend at least one visit per month. Keeping a well maintained residential property takes time, effort and proper scheduling – we can do it for you! We work to keep your house front attractive. We have best designers for residential design build landscapes, no other landscape company offers our level of customization, problem solving, and design talent. Our professional designers work closely with you to create a design for your space that enhances your lifestyle while adding value to your home.

Junk Removal for $50 per cubic yard

Before a backyard can be turned into a beautiful garden, it needs to be made clutter free. Getting rid of all that old stuff and junk that piled up over the years is a huge activity in itself. Most cities provide free junk removal services for at least one or two times per year. But that comes with its own rules and regulations. First off, you need to get an appointment from your garbage collection service, and the earliest available appointment may be even few months down the line! Then comes the heavy lifting task of moving all the junk on your curb, placing it properly as per your garbage disposal company’s rules. Our comprehensive junk removal service includes everything from picking your junk and disposing it off. No need to wait for months for getting rid of your junk, no need to do any heavy lifting; we do it all at just $29.99 per cubic yard!

Landscape Material Delivery Service Starting $9.99 per mile

Do you need landscaping material delivered at your location for current or future landscaping project? We specialize in delivery of landscaping material such as baserock, sand, pavers, mulch, rock or pebbles, and more! Price starts as low as $9.99 per mile! We can pick up all kinds of material from any location and deliver it at your doorstep in time so your landscaping project can continue without any break!

Gutter Cleaning for $1.99 per linear foot

Gutters help in safely directing the rain water from your roof to your drainage system. A good clean gutter protects your roof from leakages and your outer walls from water damage. But maintaining good gutters requires regular cleaning. Hire us for keeping your gutters clean, for as low as $1.99 per linear foot. Our professional staff will inspect and thoroughly clean your gutters, taking out all the debris, leaves, twigs and other stuff that may be blocking your gutters.

Tree Trimming Service Starting $55 per cubic yard

Tree trimming is essential for keeping your yard looking spectacular and clean. If unattended, trees can grow in all sorts of directions and can even damage surrounding areas such as walls or fences. Older branches can often fall during high winds making it risky to even stand under a tree. Hire us for a professional tree trimming service, starting at just $55 per cubic yard. Our professional landscapers will thoroughly inspect your trees and trim down unwanted branches, making your yard safe and also looking great.

Drainage System for $14.99 per linear foot

A good drainage system helps ensure no rain water stays hanging on your roof or in your yard. This way it helps in preventing rot, mold, mildew and other structural damages that may occur from clogged water. While you may have a fully functioning drainage system when you bought your house, it may be time to get it checked and repair where necessary. Our professional drainage system experts can build a new drainage system or repair portions of it at as low as $14.99 per linear foot.